Mili Welcome to a collection of art, CSS, HTML, PHP and Java Script.

This site had many names over the years. It started out as A Bit of Fantasy and I later shortened it to Fantasy Bit. The name came from my liking for fiction in the form of video games, movies and anime. The bit referred to the bits in a byte because of my liking for the internet and media.

My site moved through a few free servers until Cherri let me use some of her webspace. Later, Shin Rei gave me the domain and I started calling this site by the domain name.

Creating websites is like arranging bits to construct a fantasy world and my site is full of find ideas and tutorials to do that. I also have mouse cursors, backgrounds and other resources at Deviant Art. Don't forget to include a credit link if you use anything.

The layout features my fanart of Axel from Kingdom Hearts. The font on the banner is Sweet Heart. The navigation is in the words you and me.


January Updates

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