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Welcome to Fantasy Bit, a web-design, digital, pixel and nail art site.

My main site had many names over the years, but this name has been the one that stayed the longest. It started out as A Bit of Fantasy and I later shortened it to the current Fantasy Bit. The name came because of my liking for fiction in the form of video games, series and movies. The bit refers to the bits in a byte because of my liking for the internet and media. Bit can also mean small, which fits with the pixels and nail art.

My sites were hosted on free servers at first, until they found their home at Cherri's domain, thanks for the webspace! I highly recommend visiting Cherri and Snow's collectives, they're awesome. Once you're done looking around here, you can check out my fansites and cliques at Confetti! I also have all my favorite sites listed on the links page, so you'll have plenty of great sites to look at for a while.

The current layout features a fanart I drew of Altaria from Pokémon.


July 23, 2014: Revised one of the Java Script pages, more updates coming soon.

July 22, 2014: More revamps for the Design section, I finished the PHP pages. I'll continue with the JS pages tomorrow.

July 21, 2014: Continued the Design section revamp with page 8.

July 20, 2014: Joined a clique and updated the links page.

July 19, 2014: I continued revamping the Design section and got up to page 7.

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