Astromechs Pocket Ronin You have found Confetti! This place is a collective of fansites based on various anime, video games, movies and other works of fiction that I enjoy. I also have a few cliques you can join and links to the art and writing archives where I post.

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The current layout features a Lulu (Final Fantasy X) fanart I drew. The font is Music for Your Ears from Da Font. Many thanks to Cherri for the hosting.

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Got any questions or comments? Want to exchange links? You're welcome to as long as your site somehow relates to my interests. Pixels, art, web-design, anime, video games, movies, there's lots of topics I like, non-commercial sites only. Here are some buttons, but a text link is fine too. Email me or tag me a message on Twitter.
Vanellope (Wreck it Ralph) Sugar Rush (Wreck it Ralph) Train (Black Cat) Calhoun (Wreck it Ralph) Vanellope (Wreck it Ralph) Sugar Rush (Wreck it Ralph) Vanellope (Wreck it Ralph) Vanellope (Wreck it Ralph) Deedlit (Lodoss War) Schezo (Puyo Puyo)

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Seto (YGO)

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Pirates Board Rayjah Akinoiro Love Gala
Night Bringer Nafatali Rocketlord Sky Blade
Mirror the Soul Oh My Darling Zeruda Black Torrent
Kuroi Hoshi Little Grimoire Ruby Wings Sky Circus
Buruma Heartette Rigelatin Silver Blood
Like Knives Nintendo Princess Snow Heart Shinkirou
Besaid Rokuro After Death Eternal Wings
In Brightest Day Wild Seven Fukanzen Soul Gem
Within my World